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Why use a member of the National Association Of Chimney Sweeps?


All NACS Chimney Sweeps have been trained at its national centre and are assessed by their regional master sweep for the standard of work carried out, knowledge of the current regulations and the amount of equipment carried. All members have to be fully insured.

How often do chimney’s need to be swept? 


Depending on what fuel used and type of appliance affects how often the flue needs to be swept.


A high moisture content in wood and coal increases the amount of soot and creosote (tar) deposits in the flue, creating a potential blockage which can lead to Co2 entering your home. In spring, it is prudent to have your cowls and chimneys checked for bird nests, as birds like Jackdaws can easily fill three quarters of a flue when building a nest.

Smokeless Fuel At least once a year
Wood Every three months if used all year round
Bituminous Coal At least every six months
Oil and Gas Once a year
As stated on the Cleveland Fire brigade web site


Does it make a mess?


Depending on how much soot is in the flue, and how long since an appliance was last swept, there is a possibility of dust entering the room.


Should a birds nest be discovered, this will need to be cleared and it has to come through your fireplace or stove. Every effort will be made to contain the material but there are rare occasions when it is impossible to contain the dust.


How do I prepare for a sweep?


It would be helpful if you could provide a clear passage way through your home to your chimney and provide an area to work in.  If possible, please remove all ornaments from the hearth, mantelpiece and surrounding area.  If it is necessary for the fire to be on the night before, please mention this when booking as sometimes it can be too hot to sweep and a charge may be incurred.

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